Who the heck am I?

Who’s this Nate Finch guy, anyway? Well, I’m a software developer, with experience hosting and running my own forums (as well as running and hosting other services as a part of my day job as a senior development manager at Mattel). I hosted and ran the Hugo forums using this same software (Discourse) for a few years before handing it off to others in that community.

I’ve play RPGs for 30 years and have been tweaking and designing games for nearly that long. I’m natethefinch on twitter, and my email is nate.finch@gmail.com if you’d like to contact me that way.

Please feel free to ask me anything.


OK, I’ll bite. What do you currently play or GM? What are you designing now(4 months after you posted this) :wink:

I DM a (mostly) weekly 5e game. I also play in a Blades in the Dark game with the same group. We have poked at Dungeon World and will be running Monster of the Week soon.

I’ve playtested a pirate game with them, and have a superhero game and a cyberpunk game in the works, though I’ve been pretty busy designing a campaign in the distant past of my game world that I’ve recently decided to run with 2nd Edition AD&D just for giggles.

I mostly like fairly traditional TTRPGs, so most of what I work on are that. The more niche and esoteric (and probably more creative TBH) indie games don’t hold my attention for extended periods of time. And if I’m going to sink hundreds of hours into designing a game, I don’t want it to be something I play as a one shot and then shelve.