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Tabletop Design is a place to discuss the design, development, mechanics, and publishing of tabletop games including tabletop RPGs (including adventures and settings), board games, card games, party games, LARPs, and more.

Tabletop Design is a place to have friendly discussions with like-minded folks. Rule #1 is to be kind to each other.

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Thanks for setting this up!

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is there an introductions thread?

No, but you should make one! :slight_smile:

I’ve seen a link for this on twitter.
I’m creating some video game inspired by DnD and I actually want to stay as close to DnD as possible. But then, I’m still in alpha and toying with different ideas for gameplay. Would discussion about that make sense? Or it’s not the focus because the final product would be video game and not the other way around?

Totally fine. The backend game rules of digital games are really pretty much identical to tabletop RPGs, you just can be a lot more fiddly because the computer handles everything.

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Thanks, I’m gonna tag along, then :slight_smile: