Twitter Tutorial: Designing Layout in Google Docs

I posted a thread this morning on some simple ways to gussy up your game’s layout in Google Docs, without the need for hiring a professional.


Thanks, Dee! This is a great thread (click any of the links to see the full thing)… I really enjoy well-laid-out RPGs, but paying $30 a month or whatever it is for InDesign is rough, not to mention actually learning how to use it. Since I write everything in google docs first anyway, this fits my workflow.

I’d absolutely hire a layout designer if I were at the stage of getting ready to sell something for big money and/or kickstartering (is that a word?). But for small games and/or things still in playtest, this looks awesome. It’s interesting how even small adjustments can really make a big difference.

I’d also note that it’s trivial to turn a google doc into a PDF that you can send around, and it makes the end result feel very official. Just click File->Download->PDF and bam, you have a PDF.

Yes, this is great stuff for moving fast using Google docs!

I’ve been using Indesign for published rules, because I have some experience with it. But I picked up and am going to try master the newly released Affinity Publisher, just because a low, one time cost fits the hobbyist side gig business model so much better.