Site Updates

I’m going to keep this thread updated as I keep updating the site.

You’ll notice that the theme has changed to a light theme. This was after feedback that the dark theme was hard to read on phones in the daytime. You can change the theme in your profile settings (click your image, then the gear icon, then select the Interface item on the left). Note that you can have different themes for different devices (mobile vs. desktop).

Profiles now have a pronouns field that may be filled out. It’s currently showing next to your name when you post… not sure if that’s too in your face, if it would be better to just leave it in a user’s profile… I can do either.

Let me know if there’s any other feedback you have on site design, features you’d like to see, etc. This forum software (Discourse) is very configurable and extendable, so we can do more or less anything we want.

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Site is looking great!

Is a nigh-mode (inverted colours) possible?

There’s a dark theme you can choose - go to your icon in the upper right, click the gear, then click the Interface link on the left, there will be a Theme dropdown that has a dark option.

Off course!

Much obliged!