New one page RPG

Hello everyone,
I’m relatively new to game design. I posted my first publicly available game this weekend. It’s a one page RPG designed to introduce first-time players to role-playing games in 30 mins. or less. It was written for a game jam on

It’s heavily influenced by Laser & Feelings, Fate, and City of Mist. Many of the design choices were dictated by the rules of the game jam, but it was a good challenge. I’m also working on a larger game so I’m glad I worked through this process.

If anyone has time to look at it and provide feedback, I would appreciate it.

If not, what other one-page/smaller RPGs do people recommend studying? I’ve spent a lot of time with John Harper’s work. Anyone else?

I’ll have more thoughts when I have more time to read it. But my first reaction is that this font is really really hard for me to read.


It’s so squished horizontally and such tight kerning that I have to really concentrate to distinguish individual letters.

Beyond that, it seems like a fun way to get people into an RPG by making it almost like a board game, which I think people can generally relate to.

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Thanks for the feedback. I agree with you on the font. Having it on one page was part of the challenge, but if I ever do another version, I will not be restricted. It’s a killer on my middle age eyes.

I could have left out the game board for more space, but I really wanted it.