Make all posts Creative Commons?

So, it occurred to me that the purpose of this site is to make sure everyone has access to information about tabletop design… and to that end, I believe one of the best ways is to make content here freely copyable using a Creative Commons license. This lets other people reference and use the information here without worrying that someone might get upset.

Now, I definitely don’t want this to make anyone worry about posting things here, that someone will “steal” your idea (though I think in most cases that is extremely rare, and often people actively encourage remixing of other people’s ideas, e.g. PbtA and FitD).

I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts on making all posts here default to some creative commons license. Definitely always with attribution, but otherwise, the exact license would be up for discussion.

In general, it is my understanding that there really isn’t much stopping people from “stealing” game mechanics anyway. Terms and specific text cannot be copied outright of course, but actual game mechanics have almost no protect.
Given that common decency is all that’s protecting most people anyway, I’m not sure how much this is needed. I feel like the odds that it scare people away from sharing might out weight the benefit. That being said, in the end, it won’t impact what or how much I share either way.

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I don’t think it’s necessary.

First, as mentioned by SladeWeston mentioned, mechanics aren’t protected, so folks can use any mechanic discussed here as they wish. It’s only the specific phrasing used by any author that is protected.

Second, folks can already quote anything we post here using standard copyright law covering fair use. They should be attributing quotes to the poster, anyway.

The only thing a CC license would change would be letting folks use entire posts verbatim. I don’t see that as something that would be happening much, if at all. If somebody did wish to use an entire post, I imagine they could just ask the poster for permission.

Fair point. For now I’ll leave it as is. But mostly I just want to make sure that the content here is available to everyone.