Introductions Thread!

Hi all,

Someone asked for an introductions thread, so here we go!

I live in central Massachusetts with my wife, 3 kids, 3 cats, 2 goats, 2 guinea fowl, 2 guinea pigs, 20-odd chickens, and currently approximately 300 tadpoles.

I write software for a living, currently at Mattel (of Barbie and Hotwheels fame). I generally like crunchier RPGs, but I have enjoyed more rules-light games as well.

I am currently developing a fairly traditional cyberpunk RPG and an anthropomorphic animal pirates RPG, and I have some card games bouncing around my head.

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Hello! I’m Thryn, a PhD student / game designer from yorkshire in the UK. I write about and study DIY games culture for a living at the minute, and was a producer before that. I make mostly short-form RPGs about ritual, community and geography, but do a lot of world building for slow fantasy settings too.

For fun and because I am a curse from the gods, I also make one page RPGs and LARPS based on songs what are bangers with my partner.


Brad Murray, VSCA (Diaspora, Hollowpoint, Callisto, The King Machine, &c).

Strangely niche computer nerd, game designer, writer, artist, player, ref. I don’t go to cons and I love us all.

Currently working on a second edition of Diaspora.

Blogging here, Patreon here, VSCA page here.


Hey, I’m Paul! I’ve been playing rpgs since 2nd edition D&D with stops at pretty much every edition along the way (plus a long detour into the world of darkness). Currently running a 5e campaign and playing in a weekly Burning Wheel game.

Also a huge fan of board games, especially those on the medium/heavy end. Current favs include: Terraforming Mars, Dominion, Istanbul, and Great Western Trail


Welcome, everyone!

I love seeing what people have produced already…

Diaspora looks pretty cool, I have a soft spot for hard sci-fi. @Brad_Murray - how far along are you with the second edition? Is it staying as Fate, or something else?

@thairyn - Way cool that you get to study game culture. Short form RPGs are so interesting because of the restrictions that go into a small ruleset. I love that and those “this game fits on a business card” style games. It reminds me of people who build in micro-scale with Lego, it’s an art form based on the size restrictions.

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Hi! I’m Christian. I have 3 kids (2 out of the house by now), 2 cats, one dog. Coming up on my 19-year wedding anniversary with my wife Riis, for whom I moved from my home of Hamburg, Germany to the USA. I work as a Paralegal Specialist for a utility agency under the Department of Energy in Portland, OR.

Been playing RPGs since 1989 (age 12) and publishing my designs for the past 12 years (main ones are Beast Hunters 2007, Anima Prime 2011, Meridian 2016). I also make a lot of smaller games, some of which are here:

I also make some LARPs. And music. And other stuff. :slight_smile:

Re: Diaspora we are heading somewhere new with it! We have cluster generation and character generation largely locked down and are tinkering with the underlying system now. Playtesting has slowed so my target of December 2019 is in some jeopardy.

Hi I’m Gilbert I work in electrical product wholesale

I love the rules lite narrative focused RPGs.

I run an offline playtest group. Looking to build games it is very much a fun thing to put it together.

I’m working on a pay what you want RPG called Corruption inspired by those deep investigation crime shows.

I’m also working on my primary game Generations, a game about creating a culture of people as they leave for a new home. You play characters that change every game, suited for campaigns or one shots.


Hey everyone, I’m Taylor. Turning 24 in a week, getting my bachelor’s in computer science (programming specialty) as of this winter.

I got into serious game development somewhat recently, before this year nothing had made it past playtest 1 but now my current game is somewhere around playtest 10-15 with a piece of official artwork that’s making me really excited to publish it.

I tend to opt toward deeper strategy games and love ones where players can control their starting conditions as well as their plans - competitive Pokémon and Magic: the Gathering are both strong inspirations in that regard.

My current project is an RPG that focuses on expressive combat, particularly via freedom of actions taken and customization of actions that are important to characters. It tends to feel like an action anime during fights, every “main character” has a signature move or a piece of equipment that works in a unique way and battles against the big villain are the ones that are most likely to end with a flashy series of moves by a player that’s close to death.

In my non-dev spare time I try to keep up with movies and looking for dice-building games at shops because I’m fascinated by them but hardly ever see them.


Hi, I’m T (like the letter, not the drink).

I’m a student and ttrpg designer from Toronto. I take a lot of inspiration from the OSR scene, particularity the community that’s sprung up around the GLOG. I’m particularly interested in how the design principles of the OSR can be extended and used in contexts other than the dungeon.

I also end up playing a lot of 5e D&D because that’s the world we live in.

I’ve written an rpg about old Norse magic called Beyond the Fence, Below the Grave
You can download the rules on and I continue to write more scenarios for it.

I also have a blog! I put up essays on rpgs, D&D content, and self serving world building stuff on I’m most proud of this list of magic items as organs and my devouring priests. Much of what I write there is about the Meager Country, a setting of mine based on the experiences of 9th century Arab travelers in Eastern Europe.

So that’s me! I’m looking forward to meeting all of you!

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Hallo, I’m TAFL. I began playing RPGs in the Way Back and am still very much an old school guy. (I never fully adopted 2ed AD&D and have avoided 3ed on.) I’ve worked freelance in the industry in years past, though it’s been a long while since I’ve done anything commercial (sooo many projects died in production). a couple of times in the Way Back, I did some early game blogging, even.

I’m currently working on a game system that I would have very much liked to have had when I began playing. It’s very much OSR, though nothing close to a retroclone.

Hello everyone,
My gaming goes back to early 80s Basic D&D and 1e AD&D. After a break from gaming, I’m back running a 5e campaign and City of Mist. I love both. I am a musician and teacher by day.

I’m working on a post-apocalyptic Fate game currently.

Hello, name’s Orion. Day job is the absolute joy of customer service and outside of gaming I mostly co-create with my wife who’s a webcomic artist and overconsume video games and horror movies.

Started gaming in the mid-90s with 2nd edition D&D but I’m a big collector of games that I have played once or not at all. Also enjoy hacking game rules or splicing systems together (Savage Worlds being my favorite model, but also a fair amount of PDQ and FATE). It’s been a while since I was able to manage a face-to-face game but I am currently running an online Shadowrun game hacked to run on the Savage Worlds core rules.

As far as original work, my main project is Badass Kung Fu Demigods which started life as an Exalted Heartbreaker and has managed to evolve a bit past that since then. Also tinkering with a playing-card based RPG which I have yet to find a satisfying name for (currently Adventures and Aces, which I hate…but I hate it marginally less than every previous name).

On the back burner are a few half-formed systems mostly based around various dice gimmicks that I have yet to thoroughly explore.

My one “professional” credit is that I wrote the PDQ conversion for Modiphious’ Acthung! Cthulhu setting.

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Hi, I’m Kevin!

I have an alternate life being a stay-at-home dad and self-employed small business IT consultant, but what I really like to do is play and design role-playing and story games! I’m a veteran of the Edition Wars of the world’s most sold rpg, starting waaay back with AD&D 1st Ed, but I’ve gotten better. and have played and run a wide variety of games. Currently, I’m fully in love with PBTA games.

I’ve got an ashcan out with Magpie Games called The Ward - Modern Medical Drama that I’m slowly building into a full game.

My current project is Princess World - A Game of Girls Who Rule; it was pitched to me by my, then, 3-and-a-half year old daughter, about two years ago, and I’ve been weaving it together over that time. I’m aiming for a February 2020 Kickstarter, to coincide with her birthday. I’ve got an “ashcan” version of it out on my itch page and have run lots of playtests. Let me know if you’re interested in hearing more about it. I’m working on getting a development team together to actually get it in production and to work out a budget. This is a game to get kids into rpgs, but it’s also been a lot of fun for adults.

You can usually find me at the the various Double Exposure cons and I try to get out to PAX East and PAX Unplugged, if I can. This year, I actually made it to GenCon and had a blast!

Hope we can have cool discussions and learn from each other.

Welcome! It’s awesome to see people with ashcans of games going through real publishers, that’s super cool.

I love that your game was pitched by your daughter. I’ve definitely wanted to make games for my kids. I’d love to hear more about it - my 8 year old daughter is often asking to play D&D with me.

Here’s the short version of the story:

And my son, currently 8, pitched the idea that eventually transformed into my game Fighting Monsters, so, listening to my kids has be fruitful!

He’s also played Princess World, with me GMing, with his friends, to great results.