Gay Witch Proms

i’ve been working for a while on a game i think i’m now calling Bewitching Hour?? it’s a game about powerful femme witches where you draw your own character as part of character creation (and add to and change this drawing over the course of play).

it’s gone through a lot of different incarnations – the above image is from a Powered By The Apocalypse version of the game, which ended up being not quite the right fit. i’m preparing to playtest a new version that gives each character a list of spells that act as a kind of timer. it’s inspired a little by the Belonging Outside Belonging game Before the Spire Falls:

EDIT: oops, the grimoire’s first character question should be " What magical mystery do you spend your time studying? Where in your House do you study?"

(would love any feedback on the concept or especially on the layout, as i’m still learning good ttrpg layout)

each of the games is meant to be run as a one-shot, and i’m writing a few different scenarios, from proms to witch politics to magic adventures. the component that connects games together is the House system, which tracks the story of a witch faction from game to game and provides material for future players to draw from, like an npc list of previous player characters:

i’m trying to arrive at a version i’ll be comfortable handing out as a playtest kit by the end of the summer (when i go back to my day job). psst if anyone in chicago wants in on the next playtest sesh, lemme know! i have made all of my friends play this game a hundred times already.

also, new forum. hi!

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two of the game’s (currently eight) starting character templates, by artist solomon fletcher.

Congrats on getting friends to playtest, sometimes that can be hard.

I love the font choices and I have an unreasonable love for filling in bubbles on character sheets, so I definitely approve.

As a non-artist I really appreciate the portrait templates, being asked to draw a character is intimidating, but with a template, it’s way easier… And I am a very visual person, so having something to look at for someone’s character is a big help for me.