Did I find a cool thing too late again?

So. A lot of you know me, but I’m Anna Kreider - designer of lots of stuff including The Watch and The Straights Are Not Okay. I’ve pretty much given up designing games since the death of G+, though, and I was excited to hear about this place, except it looks like maybe no one is using it anymore, so. Uh.


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Hi Anna!

Sadly, it does seem pretty… sparse here. And, I too, miss G+. Discord is too rapid-fire for me to follow discussions and open socially media is too wild and exposed.

Wish I knew what the next great meeting place would be.

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I put this place up expressly to have an unaffiliated place to discuss game design, because I missed G+.

It’s only as dead as people allow it to be. I’m still designing games… I should post here more often about it. :slight_smile:

I think the best thing we can do to make a cool place is to post a lot, and then encourage other people to join. As you said, if the place looks dead, people will assume it’s dead.

There are a bunch of game designers in the Boston area that I know that I should poke (again) to get involved.

I’d love to hear what ideas are banging around your head, Anna.

Hey Anna. I had a similar experience around here. I found a good discord channel that is pretty active and both friendly and helpful. You should check it out. https://discord.gg/aubDFB

Yeah, there are several discords out there, but I find them to be too stressful. It’s real-time chat, which is nice, but it means I feel like I have to constantly pay attention, or I’ll miss something… and I actually do miss a lot… and anything you type is gone from the ether forever.

On a forum (or google plus), stuff people posts lasts for years or decades (assuming google doesn’t shut down the service). That way people a year from now can google for something and maybe find your answer.

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Welcome, @anna.kreider! I figure the word will gradually spread and it will reach a critical mass. I am very interested in what you are working on now — I didn’t get a chance to hear about it at Dreamation (or I’ve blanked on it).

The #ttrpg channel would be a great place for you to talk about Princess World to get the ball rolling. I think I remember it evolving from you playing with your daughter, and I’m curious what surprised you / advice you would have for designing for children?