Current Project: Badass Kung Fu Demigods

So, might as well show you my stuff. My secondary system is currently up on blocks and being gutted for a new draft, so I’ll stick with just my primary system for now: Badass Kung Fu Demigods.

The rules can be found here:

Basics: A toolkit style system with a variety of potential settings focused on extremely high-powered characters: cleaving mountains, busting moons, cracking planets. The game has no core setting but rather a selection of micro-settings that explore different ways to play these characters, ranging from serious to goofy.

*Primary goal is creating a system that allows players to operate at extreme power levels without piling too much crunch onto them while still providing a system that makes characters feel mighty. Basically, keeping the numbers (of bonuses, dice, or damage) relatively low while still communicating the strength of the characters.
*Secondary goal is to appeal to my id and use multiple polyhedrals and exploding dice, which are both things I find personally fun and satisfying.

Inspirations: Exalted, Asura’s Wrath, Devil May Cry, Dragonball Z, Hellsing and really far too many anime to easily list.

Core System: Characters have 4 stats (Mettle, Impulse, Style and Guts), each rated at a dx (ranges from d4 to d12). Resolution involves rolling 2dx (exploding) and adding the results together. All rolls are opposed by another character’s stat roll or a die-type set by the GM to reflect difficulty. Other factors add bonuses but you keep only the two highest die rolls. In cases of extremis your rolls are Busted (you keep only one die) or Boosted (you keep the highest three).

That sounds really cool. I especially like how the die mechanic is rolling 2dx… one of my problems with Savage Worlds was that rolling a 1 on a d12 is extremely unsatisfying and so it’s too easy to lose to someone by just getting unlucky. 2dx totally fixes that, and makes the differences in power much more prominent.

I like the idea of micro-settings… I often have the problem of liking the idea behind an RPG but bouncing hard off the setting… with microsettings, there’s more to choose from and less of the setting threaded through the book, so I can ignore bits I don’t like.

Yeah, I’m glad I settled on 2dx. Around the second draft I realized that 1dx just wasn’t cutting it (and back then my bonuses were just flat +'s), so I settled into 2dx take the highest for a while (with bonuses adding and removing dice from the pool) and that worked okay but I’m glad I finally settled on the additive 2dx system, because that in turn allowed me to start working with the Boost and Bust mechanics which opened up a lot of extra mechanical space for things like powers and status adjustments.