An update on my game, Corsairs

I had been bouncing from idea to idea… UNTIL I put myself out there and asked a friend if he wanted to design a game with me. This is an RPG buddy who mentioned he liked designing games. And when I asked if I could see what he’s done, he slaps down a 200 page RPG :smiley: OK! So I asked if he’d like to design agame with me and he said yes! So we’re doing it. And even better, we live in the same town, so we can just pop over when we have some time (which, given that we both have multiple kids under the age of 9… is less often than you’d think).

Anyway, I asked what he’d like to work on, and showed him my game design folder in google docs… and he said Corsairs. Which is awesome, because I am happy to work on that.

For those that haven’t read my other posts, Corsairs is an RPG about anthropomorphic animal pirates… I call it “Furry Pirates” out of humor, not because it is, but man, anthropomorphic is hard to type :slight_smile: I originally chose animals because I wanted something more than just humans, but didn’t want generic fantasy races, and didn’t want custom races because then no one has any idea what they are. Like, what the heck is a Vedalken? But everyone can kind of understand “I’m an anthropomorphic lion”.

So we are developing rules for ships and crew and it’s all going swimmingly (heh). It’s our own system, but loosely based on some of the forged in the dark / apocalypse world ideas. One of the things we came up with together is an escalating system of 2-die rolls to represent skill. So, 2d6 is unskilled, 2d8 is skilled, 2d10 is expert, and 2d12 is master. I like that this still leaves room for 5e advantage to add dice (and since it’s 2 dice, you can half half-step advantage by adding one die, or full advantage by adding two dice).

We have even come up with some good worldbuilding - there are no beasts of burden in the world, and most people’s diets are pescatarian… the world is small islands, with the interior of bigger islands being full of dangerous beasts… so there basically are no roads anywhere. Everything is boat travel.

Anyway, that’s an update on Corsairs. Oh, also, we’re probably not calling it corsairs anymore, since there was just a kickstarter for an RPG zine called Corsairs. New name forthcoming at some point.